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This app enables you to write Travelogues in your own handwriting.
   * Show places visited in your Trips, using maps
   * Illustrate what you found exciting, with sketches or drawings
   * Pin photos from places visited
   * Share the Travelogue Articles with your dear ones, using Social Media platforms

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Routespunkt Notebook is a Subscriptions based app.
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All features of the App are free for the first month, on the Annual Subscription Plan

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Please note that this app:
- requires Cellular Connectivity on your iPad
- requires minimum A12 chip on your iPad
- runs on iPad in Landscape orientation

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Routespunkt Notebook:
Sketch and write about your Travel Adventures.
Make your Travelogues the Talk of your Town -
Share the fab story with your dear ones!

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Routespunkt Notebook Developer strives to bring a unique experience to your Travel Writings.

I like to draw sketches using Apple Pencil, with my palm resting on the drawing canvas in Routespunkt Notebook. Very much like I did sketches in my school art books. How about you?

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Which major feature is on the Developer's drawing board?

Exploring - Photo-capture-as-a-sketch capability in the notebook
Are you a fan of coloring sketches? This camera would let you capture an image as a sketch.

Existing floating-image-panel feature would let you get this sketch image into the travelogue background and you could color it as you wish.

This would be a feature available in the Notebook subscription.
Paused - A view to see your excursion buddies on a Map
Supposing you go out on an excursion and the team decides that each person should explore new paths on the trail. Assuming the trails have cellular connectivity, wouldn't it be great to view each person's location, in the little breaks you take on the trail?

This would be included as a regular feature in the Notebook subscription.
There is likely to be a separate and independent subscription for only the Excursion view. Such a subscriber would anyways have the notebook features of the free base version available.

This is a complex feature with many details that need to work together. Currently following up on resolution of a core technical issue that has been reported. This may take some time getting resolved.